Auto insurance electronic proof law signed by Missouri governor

digital electronic mobile proof of auto insurance

Gov. Jay Nixon has now added his signature to House Bill 322 so that coverage cards can be shown digitally. The Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has now signed House Bill 322, which will give drivers the opportunity to use their smartphones and other mobile electronic devices to display a digital version of their proof of auto insurance, which will be considered an allowable format for official situations. These devices are being used by people for a growing number of purposes and could make proof more convenient to display. According…

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Missouri Insurance Department recovers funds amidst swarm of complaints

Auto Insurance complaints

Missouri Insurance Department fields 26,000 consumers complaints The Missouri Insurance Department is fielding some 26,000 consumer complaints concerning the coverage they receive through the state’s insurance companies. This week alone, the agency has received more than 10,000 complaints and inquiries regarding the practices of insurance companies. On average, the agency typically receives 16,000 complaints throughout the course of an entire year. Spurred by these complaints, the Missouri Insurance Department has reclaimed some $7.7 million that will be returned to the state’s insurance consumers. Common complaints involve health insurance The most…

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Renters insurance available through a new insurer for Missouri residents

Renters Insurance

Auto policy customers at Esurance will now be able to add tenants coverage in that state. Missouri auto coverage customers of Esurance are now being offered an add on renters insurance coverage that is designed to provide them with inexpensive protection in addition to further savings on their vehicle policies. Consumers in that state are being offered this add on from the insurer for the first time. According to the estimates that have been made by Esurance, the average cost of the add on renters insurance will be $16 per…

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A growing number of uninsured drivers are on today’s roads

Data from the Missouri Department of Revenue has shown that between July of 2010 and the same month of 2011, that state experienced over 6,000 collisions involving drivers who are not insured, and this figure continues to grow. That data is representative of a trend that is happening in many areas across the country. As is that reported by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, which showed that there were over 22,000 citations for failure to provide proof of automobile insurance – a legal requirement in the state – in 2010.…

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Missouri insurance rates expected to go up

The past month has been trying for residents of Missouri. Storms late in April sent the Mississippi River on a rampage. Miles of farmland were inundated with water, causing billions in damage and displacing the state’s farmers. Those same storms were accompanied by an outbreak of tornados that tore through much of the region. The now infamous Joplin tornado – the most deadly and destructive tornado in six decades – that sundered a town and left hundreds without homes was the last of the environmental onslaught. Together, these disasters will…

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