Renters insurance available through a new insurer for Missouri residents

Renters Insurance

Auto policy customers at Esurance will now be able to add tenants coverage in that state.

Missouri auto coverage customers of Esurance are now being offered an add on renters insurance coverage that is designed to provide them with inexpensive protection in addition to further savings on their vehicle policies.

Consumers in that state are being offered this add on from the insurer for the first time.

According to the estimates that have been made by Esurance, the average cost of the add on renters insurance will be $16 per month, though that may be more or less expensive, depending on the home of the customer and the aRenters Insurancemount of coverage that he or she desires.

The renters insurance will be available to both new and existing auto coverage customers.

That said, the renters insurance is being offered only as an add on, but will not be sold as a standalone product. Only those who have their vehicle coverage with the insurer will be able to take advantage of the additional tenants’ policy.

The renters insurance is now being offered to residents of Missouri who are either leasing or renting their home (including condos, apartments, and houses). This will help to protect their belongings against a number of different forms of peril, ranging from fire to water damage, depending on the terms that are selected.

According to Esurance, opting for this add on will not only provide these customers with a way to protect their belongings against certain unexpected events, but it will also help to qualify them for additional discounts on their vehicle coverage. This is because the insurer has created the Renters Plus discount, which allows customers to benefit from additional savings on their auto premiums when they take advantage of the add on coverage.

The renters insurance will help to protect customers by replacing their clothing, electronics, furniture, sports equipment, and other belongings if they are damaged in a covered event. However, it also takes a step beyond that level by offering liability insurance, as well. This means that both liability costs and medical costs will have coverage in case a visitor is ever injured while in the residence. Should the home become uninhabitable due to a covered incident, certain costs of living will also be included in the payouts.

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