Life insurance awareness in Iraq remains low

How much life insurance do you need?

Despite the high level of violence in the country, many Iraqi people lack knowledge about the coverage. Even though there are hundreds of Iraqi people who die every month as a result of the violence that still plagues the nation, there remains a lack of awareness regarding life insurance throughout the population. It is believed that the lack of awareness is the primary reason that people are not covering their lives. According to the state-owned Iraq Insurance Company’s general manager, Sadiq Abdul Rahman, who reports directly to the Ministry of…

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Life insurance carriers reach out through social media

Social Media Marketing for agents

Some topics do not carry over well into the social media and social networking websites that dominate the internet, which is why companies that sell life insurance are finding new ways to approach something that often reminds people of death and tragedy. A delicate subject There are some things people do not want to talk about with friends and acquaintances and do not want to think about on a daily basis. One of these things is death. Life insurance deals with that subject and those that sell it are looking…

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Life Insurance Awareness Month is working to build its success this year

Life Insurance Awareness Month

September 2012 is aiming to draw significant attention to this financial planning tool. This month represents the ninth anniversary of September as the official Life Insurance Awareness Month, in which the industry works to draw attention to the many benefits of this coverage for consumers and their families. The current economy has been a prime illustrator of how shaky a family’s financial situation can be. A recent study quoted by LIMRA has shown that Americans are experiencing growing concerns with their ability to make their bills, rent, and mortgage payments…

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