Life insurance carriers reach out through social media

Social Media Marketing for agents

Social Media Marketing for agentsSome topics do not carry over well into the social media and social networking websites that dominate the internet, which is why companies that sell life insurance are finding new ways to approach something that often reminds people of death and tragedy.

A delicate subject

There are some things people do not want to talk about with friends and acquaintances and do not want to think about on a daily basis. One of these things is death. Life insurance deals with that subject and those that sell it are looking to break into social media with a larger presence as policy purchases are at an all time low. The challenge is to get people’s attention without turning them off to something that they do not wish to consider.

Life insurance is not used until death. The purpose is to make sure those one leaves behind are cared for, at least in the short term if not the long term. Increasingly, life insurance providers are finding it hard to find a way to promote the product of life insurance through social media. It is a dark subject, but if companies can find fun and light ways to bring attention to what they offer, they feel they can turn things around.

Learning about insurance social media

The key to acceptance on social media is to understand how the average person uses the tools and how they approach networking. One company decided to use a game on social media due to the target market of young families – which are the users more likely to play those games. Another led a campaign with children talking to their parents about insurance, which served as a reminder that life insurance is about future protection for children when parents are no longer able to be with them.

Due to campaigns to increase life insurance visibility, quite a few ideas have been used and suggested to get likes, followers, and attention on social media. Some suggestions ring true to those that use social networking. Boring, self-serving, and irrelevant postings will be ignored and even blocked. Social networking is about fun, so photo captioning contests, games, community events, and contests are great ways to get going. Tips and articles about living a longer life are also great tools to reach potential customers on social media.

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