Life Insurance Awareness Month is working to build its success this year

Life Insurance Awareness Month

September 2012 is aiming to draw significant attention to this financial planning tool.

This month represents the ninth anniversary of September as the official Life Insurance Awareness Month, in which the industry works to draw attention to the many benefits of this coverage for consumers and their families.

The current economy has been a prime illustrator of how shaky a family’s financial situation can be.

A recent studLife Insurance Awareness Monthy quoted by LIMRA has shown that Americans are experiencing growing concerns with their ability to make their bills, rent, and mortgage payments than they were in 2011. Many have said that without the salary of the family breadwinner, they would not be able to last a month. This type of statement is a clear illustration of the difference that life insurance can make, and the lesson that this awareness month is trying to spread.

Solid steps toward financial security through life insurance have become more important than ever.

Life insurance has been available to Americans in order to protect their financial situation for more than 200 years. However, over the last few years, it has declined in its popularity, at a time when it could be more helpful than ever before.

Throughout this month, and every September, the entire sector of the industry comes together to show consumers the amazing things that life insurance can do for them and their families. At the emotionally agonizing time following the death of a loved one, this coverage can provide a family with time to grieve without having to worry about how they will survive financially over the immediate future.

Life insurance can also offer the surviving family members with the opportunity to begin again with a clean slate when it pays off the loans and debts that they had been carrying. It can ensure that the family can continue to live in their home, and can provide a child with the money that will be needed for his or her college education. It can also provide a family with the amount of income that they need to continue to live for the amount of time that is required to figure out how they intend to move forward. But the main lesson that this awareness month is trying to teach is that in order to benefit from it, it must first be purchased.

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