Japan’s insurance industry takes steps to stop genetic discrimination

Genetic discrimination - DNA

The Japanese industry is preparing guidelines to make sure insurers can’t collect customer DNA. The insurance industry in Japan is getting ready to create guidelines that would stop genetic discrimination by insurers in the country. They are seeking to ban health and life insurance companies from the collection or use of genetic information for purposes related to coverage eligibility or premiums calculations. Associations across the industry say they haven’t started using genetic info but the goal is to stop it. According to the Life Insurance Association of Japan, its members…

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Health insurance in Japan to cover regenerative medicine

japan health insurance

Insurers in Japan will soon offer coverage to cell-cultivating companies A major breakthrough may be underway in the Japanese insurance industry. Non-life insurance companies in Japan will soon begin selling policies to cell-cultivating companies specializing in regenerative medicine. New technology is being put to use in the medical field and this technology is designed to resort lost human tissue through the use of pluripotent stem cells. Insurers are expected to begin selling policies for regenerative medicine beginning in early October, marking the first time such products will be sold in…

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