Health insurance subsidies hit a roadblock in the US

health insurance roadblock stop

Some people may be receiving more subsidies than they are due U.S. consumers may be receiving more subsidies from the federal government than they are due to receive under the Affordable Care Act. The federal law offers financial assistance to those that fall within a certain range of poverty, as defined by the government. Subsidies are meant to offset the cost of health insurance policies, making them more affordable and more widely available to consumers throughout the country. Some people may be abusing the availability of these subsidies, however. Some…

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California insurance could drive the economy in the long term

health care reform rebate money

Reports are showing that consumer spending is down, but subsidies could free up more cash. According to some of the latest reports – including those released by the largest retailer in the world, Walmart and the largest online retailer, Amazon – lower and middle income families have been cutting down on their spending, but at the same time, the changes made by the health care reforms could, in theory, help to use California insurance to boost the economy in the state. The reason is that the amount being paid for…

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Insurance industry study shows over 300k in Arizona qualify for subsidies

Arizona Health Insurance industry

Recent research has shown that almost 60 percent of the state’s population can receive this assistance. The results of a new insurance industry study are now revealing that almost 60 percent of the residents of Arizona who purchase coverage through the federal exchange will be able to qualify for a tax subsidy to help to make their health plans more affordable. This study looked at individuals who did not qualify for Medicaid plans but who would use the exchange. This insurance industry research was conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.…

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