Americans are shopping outside health insurance exchanges for coverage

Group Health Insurance Exchanges

Millions of people are buying health plans off the marketplaces to avoid massive rate hikes. As premiums are headed skyward at many health insurance exchanges, people are looking for alternatives. Many Americans have decided to stop shopping in those official markets. Instead, they are purchasing health plans through insurance companies off the exchanges. The purpose is to try to avoid being faced with the rate hikes that are often in the double digits. The Obama administration is working to reverse this trend. The goal is to make health insurance exchanges…

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Millions of Americans will keep their health plans subsidies

Obama between two ferns health insurance

A new court ruling has meant that consumers across the United States will keep affordable insurance coverage. Consumers across the U.S. who had been struggling to be able to afford their health plans will now be able to sigh a breath of relief as a court has ruled that the federal subsidies will be maintained in the states that do not have their own insurance exchanges. Many were watching the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court with regards to the health care reform subsidies. The decision made by the top…

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Mississippi has a contingency plan in case health insurance subsidies are struck down

Mississippi health Insurance

State moves to secure health insurance coverage for residents pending Supreme Court ruling The majority of consumers in the United States receive subsidies from the federal government that helps cover the cost of health insurance coverage purchased through exchanges. These subsidies are being threatened, however, by a potential ruling from the Supreme Court. The issue involves whether or not it is legal for the federal government to provide subsidies through exchanges that it operates. Per the Affordable Care Act, these subsidies are primarily available through state-run exchanges. Mississippi has proposed…

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Health insurance enrollments at Covered California launched on Saturday

California health insurance

Residents of the state were able to begin using the service over the weekend in order to purchase their health plans. Covered California has once again opened its doors for residents of the state who are seeking to purchase their health insurance plans in order to comply with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act as it enters into its second round of open enrollment. The deadline for coverage to start, change or renew on January 15, 2015 is going to be December 15, 2014. This means that Californians now…

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Health insurance subsidies hit a roadblock in the US

health insurance deadline enrollment

Some people may be receiving more subsidies than they are due U.S. consumers may be receiving more subsidies from the federal government than they are due to receive under the Affordable Care Act. The federal law offers financial assistance to those that fall within a certain range of poverty, as defined by the government. Subsidies are meant to offset the cost of health insurance policies, making them more affordable and more widely available to consumers throughout the country. Some people may be abusing the availability of these subsidies, however. Some…

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