Top 3 reasons to focus insurance marketing on Pinterest

social media marketing for insurance agents

Agency owners and agents themselves are missing out on leads and branding opportunities. Insurance marketing on Pinterest is, so far, widely underutilized, despite the powerful opportunities it offers for finding leads and branding an agency. This platform is virtually untouched among agents, despite its immense potential. Agents willing to think outside the box can use insurance marketing on Pinterest for low cost opportunities that simply aren’t available on other social media platforms. To discover exactly how this opportunity applies to you and how you can go about using it, register…

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Using social media marketing for insurance agencies

Insurance Social Media Marketing

Owners and agents need to embrace the latest techniques to stay ahead. The owners of insurance agencies, and the agents who work within them, are discovering that in order to survive and keep ahead of the competition, the latest techniques and technologies are required, and this includes the use of social media marketing. This doesn’t simply mean that a profile should be created on a social networking platform, but that a presence should be established in many places, and that followers should be provided with regular updates and relevant information…

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State Farm uses mobile and social marketing for sweepstakes promotion

By way of mobile and social marketing techniques, State Farm has announced to both current and potential customers that they may take part in a sweepstakes campaign that gives them the chance to attend a party aboard the Intrepid aircraft carrier museum. The insurer is using Pandora’s iPhone app to run targeted ads for the sweepstakes. Through this campaign, people can have a chance to win by tweeting State Farm. According to the State Farm digital media manager, Matt Johnson, one of the most rapidly growing areas of the insurer’s…

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