Top 3 reasons to focus insurance marketing on Pinterest

social media marketing for insurance agents

Agency owners and agents themselves are missing out on leads and branding opportunities.

Insurance marketing on Pinterest is, so far, widely underutilized, despite the powerful opportunities it offers for finding leads and branding an agency.

This platform is virtually untouched among agents, despite its immense potential.

Agents willing to think outside the box can use insurance marketing on Pinterest for low cost opportunities that simply aren’t available on other social media platforms.

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Use insurance marketing on Pinterest to target an actively interested audience.

There is a wealth of reasons that Pinterest makes the perfect marketing opportunity for insurance agents seeking to get leads and enhance their branding. The following three are some of the top reasons you are missing out every day you choose to ignore this marketing on Pinterest

  1. It is the only social media platform that makes it possible for you to curate content specific to your topic. Moreover, through the very nature of this platform, it actively promotes repining and sharing other peoples’ images. That means it’s actually working to find others who will spread your message through the posts you add.
  2. Its graphical nature makes it highly appealing to people who are looking for information in the form of images that are easily digestible, rapidly informative and educational through simplicity.
  3. All images posted on Pinterest can be hyperlinked to any location to which you’d like to send traffic. With very few exceptions, you can create highly sharable images that will send traffic directly to your site, sales page, or other desired destinations.

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