Insurance news in Uganda shows trend toward oil sector risks

oil insurance news

Brokers are focusing on the opportunities that the new industries are providing in the country. The recent insurance news that has been arriving from Uganda has been based on the interest that brokers have been taking in the blossoming oil and gas sector in the country. Training has been started to ensure that insurance brokers understand the risks and how to mitigate them. The Uganda Association of Insurance Brokers (UAIB) chairman, Maurice Amogala, who is also the CEO of AON Uganda, Ltd., has stated that they are already dedicating themselves…

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Insurance brokers feel the struggle in online health plan enrollment process

insurance brokers agents stress

Bulky, clunky systems online have made it challenging to complete smooth signups. While insurance brokers are supposed to be acting as “middlemen” in the enrollment process as Americans sign up for health plans to comply with the Affordable Care Act, these professionals are finding themselves struggling just as much as everyone else when trying to battle with certain clunky parts of the online system. These professionals are finding that they must still refer customers to to verify subsidy eligibility. While working to assist customers in being able to determine…

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Insurance brokers are looking to the marijuana “green rush”

medical marijuana - insurance policy

As a growing number of areas start to legalize medical and even recreational use of cannabis, a new market is growing. Many areas across the United States – as well as in various other parts of the world – there has been a growing momentum on a political and cultural front to legalize both the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, and insurance brokers are among those who have spotted a considerable change in business that is now on its way. There are a number of opportunities that could rapidly…

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Insurance jobs change focus with improvements in U.S. housing market

housing market insurance jobs

The state of real estate across the country is causing brokers and agents to change gears. The insurance industry and the housing market are very closely related and individuals in insurance jobs, such as brokers and agents, must keep on top of the latest movements in that marketplace in order to ensure that they are spending their time and energy on the products that will be most beneficial to their customers and that will generate the greatest revenues at the same time. Good or bad, the sale of homes has…

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Finding a webmaster to build your insurance marketing website

health insurance agents websites

Building an insurance agency website is something almost anyone can do with a few clicks of a mouse. However, these ready-to-use sites are often plain and there are many people using the same template. If you want something you have total control over and that has your own unique stamp on it, you should hire a webmaster to build and even run your site for you. Before you choose, there are some important things to ask a potential webmaster so you know you have chosen the right person for the…

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