Health insurance brokers in Washington D.C. are still waiting to be paid

Health Insurance funds pay

Insurance brokers have yet to be paid for the services they provided and the policies they managed to sell

Health Insurance funds payMonths after health insurance exchanges began operating in the U.S., many professional insurance brokers are still waiting to be paid for their services. In Washington D.C., this issue is beginning to cause serious problems for these brokers. District officials had gone to great lengths to win the support of insurance brokers that were concerned for their livelihood and how it would be affected by insurance exchanges. A special website and phone hotline were set up to ensure that these brokers had access to consumers, but getting paid is another issue entirely.

Brokers have been able to sell policies, but very few of them have managed to make any money

Brokers found that they could quite easily connect with consumers through the tools that were made available to them in the district, but they have yet to be paid for the policies that they were able to sell through the D.C. insurance exchange. Some brokers are suggesting that the changes introduced by the Affordable Care Act are having a negative impact on the professional lives, making it difficult, if not impossible, to make a living while navigating an every churning insurance landscape.

Unpaid brokers are another problem being experienced by the D.C. insurance exchange

Unpaid insurance brokers are yet another symptom of the problems with the district’s insurance exchange. The exchange has been riddled with technical problems that have made it difficult or impossible for people to enroll for coverage. These problems are proving to be time consuming to rectify, leaving many people without insurance coverage.

Some exchanges are not designed with professional brokers in mind

The payment issue is linked to whether or not a broker’s information is included in the electronic enrollment process. This process involves the use of digital forms that are general filled out by consumers. Those looking to purchase insurance coverage can get help from brokers, who would fill out these digital forms for their clients, but some exchanges handle this practice in a cumbersome fashion, taking broker information out of the equation entirely.

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