5 Ways You Can Slash Your Spending on Homeowners Insurance

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When investing in a policy that’s meant to protect you from unexpected financial costs, a cost-effective deal can offer you more value for money. In fact, according to ValuePenguin.com, homeowners who ended up researching insurance policies for approximately 15-30 minutes were able to make significant savings on monthly insurance premiums. This is mainly because comparing quotes allowed them to be informed about fair prices. So, if you want to lower your spending on homeowner’s insurance too, here are a few strategies to try out: 1. Take Time to Shop Around There’s…

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New Year’s resolutions that lower your risk of a home insurance claim in 2018

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Some of the changes people put off could make a bigger difference than they realize. A new year often offers a natural opportunity for people to get a fresh start and improve areas of their lives to reduce the risk of home insurance claims, better their health or take greater social responsibility. 2018 presents a great chance for homeowners insurance policyholders to improve their safety. Many people can either reduce their risk of having to make home insurance claims or can make their claim filing much easier by taking any…

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Five Tips For Saving on Your Home Insurance Premiums

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Home insurance is a fact of life if you own real estate. Covering fire and theft losses, you pay a specific monthly premium based on several factors, from the neighborhood’s crime rate to the home’s square footage. Saving on your insurance premiums requires some legwork to receive the discounts you rightly deserve. Bundle Your Services If you have multiple items you insure, including cars, motorcycles and boats, it saves you money to use one insurer for all of your assets. Talk to an insurance professional about bundling all of your…

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5 Myths About Home Security

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If you’ve thought about installing a home security system but you’ve heard rumors about them that are holding you back, you could be relying on myths without consideration for the truth. To set the record straight once and for all, check out these five myths about home security systems, and maybe you’ll change your mind. 1. No One Will Break Into My Home It doesn’t matter where you live, a burglar can target any home anywhere, and they’re seeking unprotected homes like yours. The FBI reports that there were over…

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Burglary risk can be reduced with a security system

The Associated Press has reported that burglaries in American homes are on the rise, as thieves seek to obtain items made out of gold, which achieved a top price of $1,891 per ounce last month. Gold jewelry such as chains, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings, are all very easy to carry and can be sold in a melted form so that they don’t leave any trace as to their source. The same cannot be said about laptops, televisions, and other electronics. In order to reduce their vulnerability to this trend,…

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