Homeowners insurance becomes higher priority amidst hail damage

homeowners insurance hail storm repairs

Following many hailstorms throughout August, property owners in the Twin Cities are scrambling for coverage. Nothing makes the importance of coverage more obvious than a situation that causes us to actually need to make a claim, and as property owners in the Twin Cities clean up after multiple hailstorms, the need for proper homeowners insurance has been making headlines. The number of claims that are being made against these policies are very high at the moment. As a result of the home insurance claims, home builders are working as hard…

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Homeowners insurance recommended for Oklahoma residents

Oklahoma Tornado homeowners Insurance

Officials in the state have been urging residents to consider the “hard to insure” program for their homes. The head of the homeowners insurance department in Oklahoma has released a statement that is currently urging residents to consider taking part in the “hard to insure” program to obtain coverage for their homes. This recommendation comes on the heels of over $1 billion in claims payments from May’s severe tornado damage. John Doak, the commissioner for Oklahoma, issued a statement at the end of the week that reminded residents of the…

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Homeowners insurance bill would change the rates in North Carolina

North Carolina home health insurance

Legislators from coastal communities are hoping to make the rate system different and more transparent. Lawmakers that are representing coastal North Carolina counties where residents are feeling high frustrations about the skyrocketing cost of homeowners insurance, have now introduced a number of bills that would change the way that the state regulates the rates that are charged as well as to add transparency to the system as a whole. One of the two primary measures has already been receiving bipartisan support as there are sponsors from both parties. Both Republicans…

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Homeowners insurance rate cap dodges from Citizens targeted by South Florida legislators

Homeowners Insurance

New legislation is taking aim at efforts the insurer has made to get around the limit. Lawmakers in South Florida have just filed new legislation with the goal of stopping Citizens Property Insurance from being able to get around the homeowners insurance rate increase cap of 10 percent, by charging the higher rates only to new customers. This largest property insurer in Florida was tinkering with the idea throughout the last half of 2012. The state backed homeowners insurance company of last resort has a rate increase cap applied against…

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Ohio insurance shows that its rates in many sectors are highly affordable

Ohio homeowners Insurance

A recent study compares auto and homeowner policies over a span of three years. Though the storms that Ohio has faced over the last few years have made insurance news in their ever increasing effect on rates, despite the rises in premiums, the state is still among the most affordable places to purchase both auto and homeowners coverage. Homeowners premiums have risen in Ohio by an average of 6,2 percent since 2011. This, according to the latest Ohio Department of Insurance news data. Similarly, statistics from that department have also…

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