Homeowners insurance premiums in UK continue to fall

UK Insurance regulations

At the same time flooding coverage is maintaining its threat of overwhelming expense. At the beginning of 2012, the premiums for homeowners insurance across the United Kingdom started to fall, and that trend has continued throughout the last three months, says the latest data released by AA. The most recent figures have indicated that the coverage is rapidly becoming cheaper to buy. In fact, the homeowners insurance data released from the period ranging from July through September has shown that the premiums for the coverage fell by almost six percent…

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Homeowners insurance risk warnings for Halloween celebrations issued

halloween homeowners insurance claims

As property owners add their decorations and prepare for parties this weekend, there are certain cautions from the industry. As Halloween approaches, people have started to decorate their homes in preparation for trick or treaters and for parties that will be held this upcoming weekend (the last one before the holiday), but the industry is warning that there are certain risks involved and that homeowners insurance should be properly checked and understood before proceeding. This way, it can help to avoid possible problems and misunderstandings with insurers. It can also…

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Homeowners insurance premiums in Minnesota need only one claim to spike

Home prices are down but insurance prices are up!

The cost of the coverage within the state will jump after even a single claim has been made. According to the results of a recent study, filing just one claim is enough to cause the premiums for a homeowners insurance policy to skyrocket in the state of Minnesota, which was the highest rate of increase in the country following one claim. In fact, the research showed that after a claim, the average increase in premiums was 21.2 percent. That figure is according to a homeowners insurance report that was issued…

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Homeowners insurance rates skyrocketing following massive flooding

layoff employment Insurance Industry - Alberta, Canada

The June floods in Alberta are not only causing record level costs, but also spikes in premiums. Now that the flooding in Alberta has been labeled as the most costly natural disaster that Canada has ever faced, it has become clear that this massive expense will be reflected in future homeowners insurance rates. The damage is estimated to have reached $1.7 billion, so far, and claims continue to pour in. Regardless of whether or not they live in a flood zone, many property owners have already seen their homeowners insurance…

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Homeowners insurance customers in Oklahoma still paying high rates

Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance

Residents of the state are still seeing costs that are among the highest in the United States. Property owners in Oklahoma are already paying some of the highest homeowners insurance rates in the country due to the state’s high risk of severe weather such as tornadoes, hail, and other damaging forces of nature. Now, insurers in the state are seeking to increase their rates by as much as 40 percent. Despite the fact that the residents of the state are already paying more than those of most other states across…

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