Homeowners insurance becomes higher priority amidst hail damage

homeowners insurance hail storm repairs

Following many hailstorms throughout August, property owners in the Twin Cities are scrambling for coverage.

Nothing makes the importance of coverage more obvious than a situation that causes us to actually need to make a claim, and as property owners in the Twin Cities clean up after multiple hailstorms, the need for proper homeowners insurance has been making headlines.

The number of claims that are being made against these policies are very high at the moment.

As a result of the home insuranceh8117jy1qwuFKHMHGPKFHGNIMHJG claims, home builders are working as hard as they can to keep up with their workloads, according to the latest data released by Capstone Brothers Home Destination, a residential Realtor in the Twin Cities that has discussed the damage relating to the hailstorm and the ways in which property owners can better protect their homes against such damage in the future.

homeowners insurance hail storm repairsThe focus of this homeowners insurance news has primarily been on the upkeep and care of the roof of the home.

Roof inspectors in the Twin Cities have found that there weren’t very many that were able to get through the hailstorms (particularly the ones that occurred on August 6) without any sign of damage. This has meant that homeowners insurance claims for roof repairs have been way up and building contractors in the area have been working overtime to try to make sure that all of the damaged homes are fixed as soon as possible.

According to Home Destination owner, Jenna Thuening, “The Twin Cities hail storm blasted apart roof tiles and shingles. Homeowners who haven’t already filed an insurance claim re scurrying to find someone to get repairs done as some home builders are simply swamped with work.”

It has also drawn a great deal of attention to the importance of not only making sure that a property has a homeowners insurance policy, but also that it is adequately covered against all of the perils to which it has the chance of being exposed. The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has also been issuing information to help property owners to find the service they need without falling victim to scams.

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