Health insurance exchange site failure warnings made in March

health insurance website problem security alert computer

Consultants hired for the website cautioned federal officials about the site’s weaknesses early in the year. Documents that were recently released by congressional Republicans have revealed that the White House and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services received notification from the consultants hired by the federal government that the health insurance exchange website was at risk of failure. These warning notices were received by the federal government as early as March, this year. The warnings were made by McKinsey & Co., consultants that the federal government had hired.…

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Healthcare reforms website outages slow progress and repairs

Health care Reform

That said, officials are insisting that the federal exchange site will be smoothly operational by the end of the month. The insurance exchange portion of the healthcare reforms has not experienced the strongest introduction to the American public, as the federal website has seen nothing but outages and errors, but the officials from the Obama administration are still certain that the site will be back on track by November’s end. The fixes have been delayed by the outages that the site has experienced, but they are moving ahead. Though the…

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