Healthcare reforms website outages slow progress and repairs

Health care Reform

That said, officials are insisting that the federal exchange site will be smoothly operational by the end of the month.

The insurance exchange portion of the healthcare reforms has not experienced the strongest introduction to the American public, as the federal website has seen nothing but outages and errors, but the officials from the Obama administration are still certain that the site will be back on track by November’s end.

The fixes have been delayed by the outages that the site has experienced, but they are moving ahead.

Though the repairs to the healthcare reforms site,, have not been going as quickly as was hoped because of those outages, they are still expected to be in place for a smoothly operational website by the close of this month. The government explained that a hardware failure from a Verizon owned support facility caused extensive outages to the website. The site wasn’t working at all throughout the length of a congressional testimony by Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary, which was certainly not an ideal environment in which to speak.

Healthcare ReformsHowever, the issues have been identified and the healthcare reforms website is now being repaired in earnest.

According to a chief troubleshooter that was brought in, Jeff Zients, a management consultant and former official from the Office of Management and Budget, “We made progress and also ran into some roadblocks that slowed us down,” adding that “We are on track for our end-of-November goal.”

The healthcare reforms from President Obama were designed to make certain that greater coverage would be made available to 30 million people who are uninsured, by way of a combination of a range of subsidized private coverages and a broadened Medicaid safety net program.

Health insurance buying was meant to be completely revolutionized by these healthcare reforms through the exchanges websites, but despite the fact that the sites have been launched, this revolution has yet to be seen. The day that the sites went live, the government was partially shut down, and since that time, the federal site has functioned poorly, a great deal of the time.

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