Health insurance penalty for failing to purchase coverage will remain

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Those opposed to the Affordable Care Act once again failed to pass the whittled-down version of the GOP legislation. The latest attempt by opponents of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to remove the health insurance penalty for not being adequately covered have failed yet again in passing legislation to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law. On Friday, the Senate defeated the most recent version of the health care law’s repeal legislation. Among the main reasons cited by GOP lawmakers for trying to overturn the ACA is the penalty for…

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Idaho health insurance exchange is struggling to serve consumers

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Your Health Idaho issues bulletin to agents to help resolve one issue consumers are experiencing Your Health Idaho, the state’s health insurance exchange, has issued a bulletin to insurance agents. The bulletin is meant to help agents better serve customers, providing them with information on what to do if people cannot get treatment for life threatening illnesses because they are unable to use their coverage. According to the bulletin, agents should include the term “medical urgent” in the subject line of emails being sent to the exchange. Since the bulletin…

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Health insurance exchange deadline approaches

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As deadline looms, acquiring insurance coverage is becoming more important The time is coming when the open enrollment period for insurance exchanges in the U.S. will no longer accept new enrollees. The open enrollment period ends on March 31 and many people throughout the country have begun scrambling to enroll for coverage through both state-run and federal exchanges before then. Exchanges offer services that cannot be found in the private market, such as offering access to subsidies from the federal government that are meant to offset, if not eliminate, the…

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Health insurance concerns arise regarding young adult adoption

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Insurers are concerned that raising costs will stop twenty-somethings from purchasing coverage. When the healthcare overhaul goes into full effect on January 1, 2014, most Americans will be required to purchase health insurance or face a tax penalty, but many young adults who are unemployed or under-employed in the current economy are balking when it comes to buying a plan. Some young adults are already planning to choose the penalty over the coverage, raising concerns. Even after the reforms go into full effect and a $100 penalty will need to…

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Opt in before Mandatory Health Insurance Hits

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With the Affordable Care Act set to be fully implemented in January of 2014 how much thought have you given to how the law will affect you?  Starting January 1st Americans will be required to purchase health insurance or pay a tax penalty. Before you get defensive or incited, take a moment to think about your options. The numbers Some people are already saying that they would rather choose to pay the penalty instead of buying health care coverage for themselves.  Here’s the skinny on that penalty.  For the 2014…

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