Idaho health insurance exchange is struggling to serve consumers

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Your Health Idaho issues bulletin to agents to help resolve one issue consumers are experiencing

Your Health Idaho, the state’s health insurance exchange, has issued a bulletin to insurance agents. The bulletin is meant to help agents better serve customers, providing them with information on what to do if people cannot get treatment for life threatening illnesses because they are unable to use their coverage. According to the bulletin, agents should include the term “medical urgent” in the subject line of emails being sent to the exchange. Since the bulletin was posted, the exchange has receive six of these emails.

Insurance exchange is beginning to experience troubles with its operation

Consumers have been issuing concerns about not being able to use the coverage they purchased through Your Health Idaho. For some, this is due to lapsed coverage because of faulty billing systems. More than 100,000 people have used the exchange to find coverage this year, with most qualifying for subsidies to help cover the cost of their insurance policies. When the exchange first opened, it experienced relatively little trouble. Now, however, consumer complaints are beginning to pile up, as people are encountering many problems with the exchange and how it operates.Idaho health insurance

Exchange is behind on sending consumers important tax documents

Currently, Your Health Idaho is months behind on sending consumers important tax documents that they need this month. Many consumers have expressed frustration with this, as it may have a major financial impact. If consumers cannot show that they have insurance coverage, they will face a tax penalty from the federal government. Consumers are also finding it difficult to contact the exchange itself, as the exchange’s call center cannot offer solutions to the problems they are experiencing.

Exchange is having trouble recognizing the subsidies provided to some consumers

Your Health Idaho is also having trouble recognizing the subsidies that consumers are receiving from the federal government. Agents have been dealing with customers that are unable to afford their premiums due to the exchange’s problems with subsidies. How this will be resolved is, as yet, uncertain, but Idaho is likely to take measures to fix its ailing health insurance exchange.

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