95 percent of US healthcare groups opposed Trump’s new health insurance rules

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Nearly every group that submitted formal comments officially panned the strategy the president proposed. Over 95 percent of the US healthcare groups that submitted formal comments regarding President Trump’s strategy to dismantle the Affordable Care Act were opposed to his efforts. They either criticized the new health insurance rule strategy or flat-out opposed it. The health insurance industry isn’t impressed with the president’s efforts to cut apart Obamacare. A new L.A. Times review of the thousands of comments formally submitted by US healthcare groups to federal agencies showed heavy criticism…

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Understanding health insurance limitations and rules

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Health insurance continues to be a problematic and confusing issue for many people. While some may be taking steps to understand their insurance policies to the best of their capabilities, they could still be exposed to problems that are difficult to recognize. Visiting a doctor, for instance, is something that many people do not give a second thought to because they often believe that their insurance policies will cover instance of medical care. This is, however, not the case. The simple act of visiting a doctor can turn into an…

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Health insurance regulations raise concerns over privacy from gadgets

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Connected mobile and wearable fitness devices could soon be sharing medical data. While technology in the fitness category – including tiny computers in everything from wristbands to headbands is becoming the very latest trend, many are starting to wonder about the security and privacy repercussions of allowing these devices to be incorporated into health insurance coverage rules. In the future, the law may make it possible for the fitness and medical wellbeing of employees to be monitored. Although there could be some benefits to using these mobile devices and fitness…

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Health insurance being extended to those with addiction problems

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New rule offers health insurance coverage to addicts In the ongoing effort to expand health insurance coverage in the U.S., a new rule has been introduced to the Affordable Care Act. The rule is designed make some 3 million people with drug and alcohol addiction problems eligible for health insurance coverage. While addiction has been considered a medical issue for the past 60 years, only a fraction of the money spent in health care in the U.S. goes toward providing medical care for those struggling with addiction. Coverage being expanded…

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Health insurance rules from healthcare reforms generate $1.5 billion in savings

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Regulations put into place from the system wide overhaul have customers spending less. The results of a study by the Commonwealth Fund, a research institution, have now been released, indicating that the health insurance rules that have been put into place by the healthcare law reforms have caused system wide improvements in efficiency that saved Americans almost $1.5 billion last year. The law’s provision says that insurers must spend at least 80 percent of collected premiums on medical care This is the case among insurers selling plans to individuals and…

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