Affordable Care Act health insurance mandate struck down in federal appeals court

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Judges have sent back the case to decide if other components of Obamacare can remain without it. Last week, a federal appeals court struck down the health insurance mandate component of the Affordable Care Act. This ruling involved the portion of Obamacare that made it a requirement for Americans to purchase coverage, calling it unconstitutional. That said, the remainder of the ACA has not been invalidated, but has instead been sent back. The appeals panel did not rule on the remainder of the Affordable Care Act beyond the health insurance…

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Removal of the individual mandate would take health insurance coverage away from consumers

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Individual mandate has ensured that consumers have insurance coverage The Affordable Care Act continues to be a source of controversy, especially because it requires all U.S. citizens to have health insurance coverage. This provision is called the individual mandate and it has placed some consumers under significant financial pressure. While all citizens must have insurance coverage, many also receive financial aid from the federal government, which helps cover the cost of health insurance policies purchased through exchanges that were established through the Affordable Care Act. Removing the individual mandate may…

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Birth control insurance challenge heard by US appeals court

Birth Control insurance

A lawmaker in Missouri is opposed to the coverage and is now fighting it with the Hobby Lobby. Missouri Rep. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial), and his wife, Teresa, are currently battling the regulation for birth control insurance in state sponsored health plans, and is hoping that the recent Hobby Lobby from the U.S. Supreme Court will provide him with what he needs to decrease the rejection of his legal challenge by the court to the mandate from the Affordable Care Act. Arguments were heard early this week by the 8th U.S.…

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Health insurance penalties could add up quickly for the uninsured

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Federal penalties may be more costly than people may realize The federal health insurance mandate has been in effect in the U.S. for nearly three months, but penalties for those without insurance coverage are not expected to be seen until after March 31. When the open enrollment period for insurance exchanges comes to a close, those without insurance coverage will become vulnerable to federal penalties. These penalties levy a 1% of annual household income fee or a flat rate of $95 based on yearly income. These penalties, however, may only…

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Health insurance mandate penalty may be vastly misunderstood

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Federal law places a penalty on those without health insurance coverage The health insurance mandate of the U.S. Affordable Care Act has become one of the more controversial aspects of the federal law. According to the law, all U.S. citizens must have active health insurance coverage beginning on January 1, 2014. Failure to comply with the mandate could mean facing a tax penalty issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These penalties will not actually be issued until March 31, 2014, when the open enrollment period for health insurance exchanges…

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