Top 5 Trends Shaping the Health Insurance Market

Health insurance trends

Most people today agree that the best way to remain healthy is to embrace a lifestyle that incorporates regular exercise and a balanced diet. But even though you’re doing this correctly, you’ll want some form of insurance and knowing how to handle your overall finances which can’t be predicted like injuries, illnesses and other unexpected health-related issues or even unexpected death in the family. In such cases, health insurance solutions can help you. However, getting the right type of coverage is easier said than done. In this guide, we’re going…

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Health insurance trends among employers defining themselves across the country

health insurance companies profits

Though the overall direction seems to be a decline, this is not so in Massachusetts. The results of a newly released report on health insurance sponsored by employers from one state to the next, has revealed some interesting trends occurring across the country as well as in some specific states. The data has indicated a change in direction for much of the country, though not in some states. The State Health Access Data Assistance Center’s study, which was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, showed that while employer sponsored…

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Health insurance survey shows struggles among New Hampshire residents

New Hampshire Health Insurance

Study reveals that few understand the markets for medical coverage in the state. New Hampshire is getting ready to begin its health insurance marketplace, as per the federal healthcare reforms, but a recent survey has shown that the vast majority of the residents of the state either don’t understand the changes or are completely unaware that they will be occurring. The marketplace is being created by the state and should be open for enrollment by October. The health insurance exchange in the state is going to be called the New…

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Health insurance satisfaction seen in most Americans

homeowners Insurance Consumer Satisfaction

A Gallup poll has shown that the majority of people in the United States are happy with their coverage. According to a survey that was performed by Gallup, 67 percent of adults in the United States reported that they felt that their health insurance coverage was either good or excellent. This may be a positive statistic, but it is actually a drop when compared to last year’s data. Last year, the same survey determined that 72 percent of adult Americans felt that their health insurance coverage was either good or…

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Health insurance costs have risen by 62 percent

Health Insurance rate increases

Family coverage has skyrocketed since 2003, showing the increasing expense for those paying for plans. According to the latest health insurance data from the Commonwealth Fund in a recently released report, the total cost for a family plan – for both employers and for employees – broke the $15,000 mark last year, which represented an increase of 62 percent since 2003. Wages, on the other hand, increased by only 11 percent during that same period of time. The cost of commercial health insurance has undergone an increase in its price…

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