Health insurance expectations falling in the US

health insurance exchanges

Affordable Care Act continues to draw criticism due to health insurance provisions The Affordable Care Act has experienced no shortage of opposition in the U.S. The health care law, which was passed in 2010, seeks to revolutionize the health care and health insurance industries of the entire country. The feat is not small in any way, and many have criticized the law’s provisions as either being too aggressive or not expansive enough. Despite criticism, the Obama administration has been adamant on the belief that the Affordable Care Act will expand…

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Understanding different types of insurance and their need in emergency

Different types of Insurance

Insurance is a vital constituent of financial safety for any person. As time goes by, individuals start thinking about different ways that they may employ to save their hard earned cash – insurance policies being the most common among them. Insurance provides several benefits, based on the type that is purchased. Life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance and homeowners insurance are some of the common varieties of insurance policies. Insurance certainly serves different purposes and offers benefits for individuals as well as businesses. While a lot of people buy insurance…

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Pregnancy disability insurance in California has been extended

New legislation in California will mean that employers will be required to extend their pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition, disability insurance coverage for workers for up to up to 16 weeks. Senate Bill 299 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown and will become effective on January 1, 2012. It will require employers to provide continuous health insurance coverage for up to 16 weeks for workers that are disabled due to pregnancy on the same grounds as they would before a they had taken any leave of disability.…

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Michigan Supreme Court rules in favor of insurance company denying coverage for stem cell surgery

Stem cell research is a controversial issue. While the issue is primarily comprised of its uses in medicine, the controversy extends well into the insurance industry. As new methods of treatment emerge, insurance companies must weigh the risks involved with such treatments and what implications could be made to their policies. Most insurers cringe away from covering medical procedures that have a limited history of use, arguing that the risks involved with such things as stem cell surgeries are immeasurable. The fears insurers harbor over the issue may have been…

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