More hospitals stressing the importance of health insurance

health insurance enrollment

Hospitals are cutting back on their charity programs to promote insurance coverage As more people throughout the U.S. gain access to health insurance coverage, many hospitals in the country are beginning to revise how their charity programs work. These programs are designed to provide those that cannot afford medical care with the care they need, relieving them of financial burden. The problem, however, is that some hospitals believe that those making use of these charity programs could have easily obtained insurance coverage, but chose not to for philosophical reasons. As…

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Health insurance awareness is low in the US

Health Insurance News Consumer Survey

Survey shows consumers are confused about health insurance LIMRA, an insurance trade organization, has released the results of a recent survey it conducted within the U.S. The survey tasked consumers throughout the country to take a 10-question quiz concerning health insurance. The results paint a troubling picture for health insurance awareness within the country and suggest that efforts to educate consumers of the matter have fallen well short of their intended goals. With the Affordable Care Act inching closer to being fully realized, the lack of awareness among consumers may…

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Libraries to promote health insurance awareness in the US

Health Insurance book report law

Government taps libraries to promote health insurance awareness The U.S. federal government is currently involved in an ambitious campaign to promote the Affordable Care Act. Though the federal law has been upheld by the Supreme Court and faces relatively few legislative hurdles, it must still win over a population that either has a poor view of health care reform or does not know anything about the law. In order to see this campaign reach as many people as possible, the federal government has enlisted a promising ally with strong connections…

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Health insurance exchange campaign from HHS underway

Online health Insurance exchange

Considerable efforts from a new call center to a revamped website have been created to educate people about the changes. The Department of Health and Human Services has now launched a new campaign to help to spread the word about the health insurance exchanges, what they’re about, and how they will be used starting in October when the open enrollment begins. This campaign has been launched to make sure that Americans can easily gain all the information they require. In an effort to help to enroll millions of people through…

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Obama administration works to draw attention to health insurance

U.S. Health Insurance

Federal government continues to promote health insurance awareness The Affordable Care Act is inching closer to becoming fully enacted in the U.S., which has put a great deal of pressure on the federal government and its efforts to ensure that the country complies with the federal law. The Obama administration has been working to promote the potential benefits that could be seen through the law’s provisions and has attributed particular attention to health insurance exchanges that are set to begin open enrollment this year. These exchanges have been receiving a…

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