Nevada health insurance exchange is being targeted by some lawmakers

Nevada health insurance commissioner State Legislature Building

Legislators seek to cede control of the health insurance exchange to the federal government Lawmakers in Nevada want to eliminate the state’s health insurance exchange. Nevada Health Link, as it is called, is being accused of wasting money and disappointing consumers that have sought to obtain insurance coverage. New legislation has been introduced to cede control of the exchange to the federal government, which would then be responsible for funding and managing the exchange. Governor Brian Sandoval believes that the state should continue operating its own exchange, however. Governor plans…

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Nevada fire scorches 400 aces and displaces 9,000 people

An aggressive wildfire continues to rage in Nevada this week, prompting Governor Brian Sandoval to declare a state of emergency. The fire, which broke out in the northern reaches of the state, has burned more than 400 acres since it began last week. State officials estimate that some 20 structures, including homes and businesses, have fallen prey to the fire and at least 9,000 people have been displaced. Only one death has been reported to date. The emergency declaration allows state agencies and insurance companies to make use of federal…

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Nevada in dire straits

Nevada Unemployment Sores

Unemployment insurance is in dire straits In Nevada, as the state continues to borrow money from the government to keep its unemployment benefits afloat. The situation is so severe that the benefit fund is not expected to recover until 2018. Reports suggest that the problem shows no sign of abatement as Nevada continues to experience jumps in its unemployment rate since November, 2010. The Employment Security Council raised unemployment tax on business by .77% in 2010, bringing the tax rate to 2% in an effort to offset the deficit. While…

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