Nevada health insurance exchange is being targeted by some lawmakers

Nevada health insurance commissioner State Legislature Building

Legislators seek to cede control of the health insurance exchange to the federal government

Lawmakers in Nevada want to eliminate the state’s health insurance exchange. Nevada Health Link, as it is called, is being accused of wasting money and disappointing consumers that have sought to obtain insurance coverage. New legislation has been introduced to cede control of the exchange to the federal government, which would then be responsible for funding and managing the exchange. Governor Brian Sandoval believes that the state should continue operating its own exchange, however.

Governor plans to have the exchange run by the state

Governor Sandoval has introduced another legislation that would provide the state’s health insurance exchange with more flexibility. According to Sandoval, a state-run exchange is the best way to control the health insurance market. The state currently has the ability to control funds that are meant for the exchange and make decisions concerning the insurance market without having to be directed by the federal government.

Legislation would introduce more flexibility into the exchange’s governing structure

Health insurance Nevada State Legislature BuildingThe new legislation would allow those affiliated with the insurance industry to work on the exchange’s board of directors. Previously, those with ties to the industry were barred from working on the board of directors due to concerns regarding conflicts of interest. The state is also working to address concerns that consumers have regarding the exchange and its ability to provide access to health insurance coverage. Over the past several months, the state has made improvements to the exchange in order to make it more compliant with consumer interests.

Exchange may not be a financial burden on the state

The legislation that aims to cede control of the exchange to the federal government is still in a draft state. Nevada Health Link claims that more than 72,000 people have enrolled for coverage over the past open enrollment period. The exchange has also used no general funds from the state. As such, it may not be as much of a financial burden on the state as some lawmakers believe, and it appears to be providing health insurance coverage to consumers in a relatively effective manner.

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