Flood insurance costs send homeowners to rally and demonstrate

flood insurance rates

The residents of the coastal regions of the United States are gathering together to speak out against the skyrocketing prices. Following regular and continual announcements that flood insurance rates are significantly rising, particularly in the coastal regions of the country that were damaged by Superstorm Sandy, residents are rallying to speak out against the astronomical prices. Some of the residents are seeing premiums of over $30,000 per year, which is a potentially devastating figure. Flood insurance premiums at that level could easily annihilate some of the shorefront communities, according to…

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New York farmers to get more aid from insurers after tropical storms

Farmers in New York will be getting some additional help from insurers after requests for financial aid were approved by Governor Andrew Cuomo. New York farmers have been struggling to recover from recent tropical storms that struck the East Coast. Tropical Storms Irene and Lee brought widespread flooding to the state, which caused damage to more than 320 farms. In some cases, these floods completely decimated crops, leaving farmers without a way to generate revenue. Governor Cuomo has approved a plan to distribute an additional $850,000 to more than 100…

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