New York farmers to get more aid from insurers after tropical storms

Governor Andrew CuomoFarmers in New York will be getting some additional help from insurers after requests for financial aid were approved by Governor Andrew Cuomo. New York farmers have been struggling to recover from recent tropical storms that struck the East Coast. Tropical Storms Irene and Lee brought widespread flooding to the state, which caused damage to more than 320 farms. In some cases, these floods completely decimated crops, leaving farmers without a way to generate revenue. Governor Cuomo has approved a plan to distribute an additional $850,000 to more than 100 farms impacted by flooding.

Storms Irene and Lee struck in August and September, respectively. The damage caused by the storms has cost insurers more than $4.5 million so far. Many farms were drowned by the onslaught of water, but these farms are not the only victims of the disasters. Several communities have also been inundated with water as a result from the storms, displacing hundreds. State insurers have been working to mitigate the damages caused by the storms while helping those affected recover from the disaster.

Governor Cuomo has also approved of a plan to extend an additional $15 million to communities and insurers to help with recovery in areas that were most impacted by the storms. The money will be used to build homes, businesses and repair damages caused by flooding and strong winds.

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