Connecticut flood insurance rates rise, and fewer homes are covered

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Though the last 12 months have been essentially free of flooding, there have been several near misses. Even though there have been only 18 Connecticut flood insurance claims filed in the last 12 months ending at the close of June, the rates in the state will still be rising. The rates are causing many state residents to take the risk without coverage for their properties. There have been several recent reminders that storms are fierce and quite close – Hurricane Fiona washed full structures away in Nova Scotia and other…

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Insurance companies face strain from series of large U.K. storms

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The costs associated with Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank has insurers starting to feel some pressure. Britain has faced one damaging storm after the next, as Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank brought flooding and winds that left catastrophes behind and that now have insurance companies feeling the pinch from the associated costs. In fact, many of the insurers that are now counting up the total cost are some of the largest in the country. Victims of the flooding have now started to submit their claims to their insurance companies and…

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FEMA official will testify on flood insurance issues

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Flood insurance continues to be a problem in the US Flood insurance rates in the U.S. are set to rise as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) redraws vital flood maps around the country and major changes to the National Flood Insurance Program become active. FEMA has been working to address the changing risks associated with floods and natural disasters over the past few years and revising its flood maps is a major part of this process. Unfortunately for homeowners in risk-prone areas, this could mean higher flood insurance rates.…

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Rising flood insurance premiums spark protests among homeowners

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Flood insurance rates prove controversial for FEMA Rising flood insurance costs may soon become a problem for the U.S. federal government. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been working to revise the flood maps that determine what regions of the country can be considered “high risk” areas. According to FEMA, such areas are prone to floods that can cause significant damage to properties and are under considerable risk to falling victim to floods that are caused by storms. Revisions to FEMA’s flood maps have many implications, the most concerning…

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Flood insurance rates to spike in New York and New Jersey

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Flood insurance rates expected to rise in wake of Hurricane Sandy More than six months have passed since Hurricane Sandy barreled into New York and New Jersey. The two states suffered horrendous damage from the storm, but not from its strong winds. Floods caused the majority of the damage associated with Hurricane Sandy, which has proven to be a problematic issue for the victims of the powerful storm, especially those without flood insurance protection. The uninsured and the uninformed suffered serious losses due to the storm, with most believing their…

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