Flood insurance extension to be approved through new spending package

Flood Insurance Extension - Flooding

The good news, however, may only extend until July when a new deadline may approach once more. A new flood insurance extension will take the pressure off the program for another four months. The $1.3 trillion federal spending deal will give the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) another reprieve. This is the fourth temporary extension the NFIP has experienced since September 2017. Washington lawmakers have now given themselves until July to either create another flood insurance extension or overhaul the NFIP. The alternative would be to allow the country’s flood…

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Health care reform insurance program has been extended

health care reform news

Government announces extension of health insurance program Those in the U.S. that had been receiving coverage through the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan will continue receiving coverage through this program. The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance plan was initially designed as a temporary program through which those with pre-existing medical conditions could find affordable health insurance coverage. The plan is connected to the controversial health care reform law, which had made it illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage to those with pre-existing medical conditions. Program to continue offering coverage to those with…

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Unemployment insurance expires, leaving many without financial support

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Run Out

Federal insurance comes to an end Unemployment insurance has become a very complicated situation in the U.S. and one that is surrounded by controversy. The federal government’s unemployment insurance program has officially expired, leaving approximately 1.3 million people without benefits. Many of these people had relied on their benefits for financial stability as it was their only source of income. With a still turbulent economy, these people have been finding it difficult, if not impossible, to find new jobs. Federal lawmakers have been working to address the issues, feeling the…

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Health insurance for high risk Californians to shift to federal program

California health insurance

There will be thousands of people in the state with serious medical conditions who will be affected. Beginning in July, there will be about 17,000 people with serious medical problems in California who will be shifting out of a state run health insurance stopgap program and into a federal plan. This will help to make sure that their coverage continues until the healthcare reforms become effective next year. This, according to an announcement that has been made by officials in the state. The state board responsible for overseeing the California…

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North Dakota residents may need to purchase flood insurance as FEMA’s flood map grows to include 7,500 homes

As FEMA prepares to release its revised flood maps the agency is issuing information to states that may be affected by the changes. North Dakota has recently received such information, which may have more people clamoring for insurance coverage when the flood map is released. FEMA’s flood maps are important to both home owners and insurance companies in order to determine the necessity and value of flood insurance. With major storms causing widespread flood damage, FEMA has been keen to make changes that are meant to help people protect their…

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Congressional panel votes to reform National Flood Insurance Program

As the East Coast continues to struggle with rampant floods caused by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, there may be hope on the horizon for many without flood insurance. The Senate Banking Committee has voted to overhaul the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) instead of letting the program cease at the end of the month. The panel’s vote supports an overarching legislation that would ensure that the federal insurance program would continue to run for another five years, a bill that had already been passed but was whose execution…

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Flooding costs from Hurricane Irene to be covered in part by taxpayer dollars

As Hurricane Irene bowled through the east coast, it left behind a path of destruction caused by its high winds and rains, with initial estimates for the damage ranging from $2 to $7 billion. That said, much of the bill for rebuilding will be covered by taxpayer dollars. The reason for this additional cost to taxpayers is that the majority of home and business owners in the Northeast don’t have coverage for flooding caused by hurricanes, and the federal insurance program is already facing a debt worth billions of dollars.…

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