Health care reform insurance program has been extended

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Government announces extension of health insurance program

Those in the U.S. that had been receiving coverage through the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan will continue receiving coverage through this program. The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance plan was initially designed as a temporary program through which those with pre-existing medical conditions could find affordable health insurance coverage. The plan is connected to the controversial health care reform law, which had made it illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage to those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Program to continue offering coverage to those with pre-existing conditions

health care reform newsThe federal program was meant to come to an end on January 1 of this year, but the Obama Administration has announced that the program has been extended for another two months. This is the second time the program has been extended. The first extension came as the technical problems crippling reached their peak. Continual problems have prompted yet another expansion as the federal government works to ensure that consumers are able to find health insurance plans that are appropriate for their needs.

People are having trouble finding the coverage they need

Some of those still receiving coverage through the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan are still having trouble finding the coverage they need through the private market and from exchanges. Chronic medical conditions are often complicated in nature and require a wide range of insurance coverage in order to be adequately managed. Many insurance companies, however, do not offer blanket coverage for all medical conditions. For ailments like cancer, there are specific policies designed to provide coverage for cancer treatments while the most common policies do not provide coverage for such treatments.

Program to be available throughout the exchange open enrollment period

The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan will continue operating through the end of the health insurance exchange open enrollment period. Open enrollment for exchanges is currently scheduled to end on March 31. Many of the exchanges managed by the federal government are still experiencing problematic technical issues, making it difficult for consumers, healthy or otherwise, to find the coverage that best suits their needs. If these problems cannot be resolved, open enrollment may be extended.

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