Engagement ring insurance spikes with Valentine’s Day proposals

Insure your engagement ring to ease your mind

It may not seem romantic, but many consumers are choosing to purchase coverage for this sizeable investment. As people across the country get ready to pop the question on Valentine’s Day, they are also purchasing engagement ring insurance coverage. These policies are meant to provide protection against the unexpected. After all, this piece of jewelry is considerably more expensive than a box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses. It’s clear that a growing number of people are hanging onto their financial sense even in romantic moments. Before people get…

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Kim Kardashian robbery has now led to an insurance claim for stolen jewelry

kim kardashian robbery jewelry insurance claim

The celebrity who was the victim of a terrifying robbery has now submitted a claim for what was lost in the theft. The Kim Kardashian robbery that filled the headlines last week has now led to a sizeable insurance claim. When the celebrity was tied up and robbed at gunpoint, the criminals reportedly took 13 items from her possession. The reality television star has now filed an insurance claim suggesting the pieces were worth less than initially suggested. The insurance claim from the Kim Kardashian robbery indicates that the 13…

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Insurance news from Allstate helps to protect Valentine’s Day investments

Declaring your love to someone can be an expensive matter, and this insurer is reminding consumers to protect valuables. Valentine’s Day is coming up very quickly, and lovers across the country are making insurance news as they shop for special gifts to help to declare their love, but at the same time protecting their investments with the right coverage. Roses and chocolates are one thing, but engagement rings are something else altogether. This very romantic day is a traditional day for many people to propose to the people they love.…

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How to protect your jewelry with the right insurance coverage

As award season kicks off, the world looks to the United States as the stars walk the red carpets decked out in the very finest in fashion and highly insured jewelry. This should come as a reminder that even if your own jewels aren’t worth millions, you may still be wise to give them adequate insurance coverage. According to Allstate Insurance Company’s vice president of consumer household, Keith Rutman, many people actually hesitate to wear their good jewelry in the fear that these precious items could go missing. He explained…

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Don’t get left at the alter without wedding insurance

Inflation has taken its toll on everything; including the price of weddings. Research shows the average cost for a wedding is between $15,000 and $25,000. If you went out and bought a car that costs this much; you would insure it. People insure their homes, art collections, even their pets; it only makes sense to protect your wedding investment also. Wedding insurance sales are on the rise. With the average cost of a wedding being so much, many people are opting to have insurance coverage for their special event. Statistics…

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