Kim Kardashian robbery has now led to an insurance claim for stolen jewelry

kim kardashian robbery jewelry insurance claim

The celebrity who was the victim of a terrifying robbery has now submitted a claim for what was lost in the theft.

The Kim Kardashian robbery that filled the headlines last week has now led to a sizeable insurance claim. When the celebrity was tied up and robbed at gunpoint, the criminals reportedly took 13 items from her possession.

The reality television star has now filed an insurance claim suggesting the pieces were worth less than initially suggested.

The insurance claim from the Kim Kardashian robbery indicates that the 13 stolen pieces had a total value of $5.6 million. Initial media reports had indicated that the jewelry was likely worth $10 million.

The most expensive among the pieces that were stolen was Kardashian’s engagement ring. That Lorraine Schwartz emerald cut diamond was a 20 karat stone valued at $4 million. The ring alone composed a large portion of the total value of the insurance claim. The insurance document that found its way to the media did not provide a breakdown of the remaining 12 items the thieves took with them.

The Kim Kardashian robbery took place at the Hotel de Pourtalès, nicknamed the “No Name Hotel.”

kim kardashian robbery jewelry insurance claimThe Paris hotel had previously been an exclusive private hotel that was not open to the public. Since the robbery, it has been in the spotlight with its true name and address exposed. Kardashian was held at gunpoint last week when two masked men burst into her room, tied her up and threw her into the bathtub. They proceeded to go through her jewelry and took what they wanted.

In total, there were five masked men involved, as others were responsible for restraining the hotel’s concierge.

The celebrity soon returned to her home in New York City to be with Kanye West, her husband, as well as North and Saint, their children. Since then, she traveled to California, claiming to feel safer there.

At the time of the writing of this article, police in Paris had not been able to locate any of the five men responsible for the Kim Kardashian robbery. They were not caught on surveillance camera. Kardashian is proceeding with insurance claims to recoup the value of the stolen items.

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