Cyber insurance gets a boost in Canada as CROs recognize its importance

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As data breaches become more commonplace and receive more media attention, companies are protecting themselves. While companies in Canada had been following the cyber insurance trends seen in many other countries, the insurance news headlines involving some massive data breaches including ransomware, threats and demands for payment. With these events becoming more visible and more common, companies are turning to insurance companies. The trend skyrocketed after the Canadian site Ashley Madison experienced a tremendous data breach that saw worldwide media coverage. To many businesses in the country, this made it…

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Cyber insurance market is surging

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Cyber attacks estimated to cost businesses as much as $500 billion a year in damages The cyber insurance market is poised to see massive growth in the coming years. Cyber crime has become a very profitable business, with companies that have been hit by data breaches and other attacks reporting major financial losses. According to a recent report from Cybersecurity Ventures, cyber attacks cost businesses an estimated $400 billion every year, though other estimations suggest that the damage is closer to $500 billion a year. Cyber insurance market set to…

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Cyber insurance continues to grow in importance

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Start-ups are beginning to see the greater importance of cyber protection Cyber insurance is becoming a very important priority for entrepreneurs, especially those invested in the digital market. Data is a major asset of many companies that operate online and this data can be associated with a wide range of information concerning customers or a business’ operations. For start-ups, protecting this data is becoming more important and cyber insurance is becoming an ideal way to mitigate the impact of malicious attacks that would steal this information. Data is a very…

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Cyber insurance partnership forms between Allianz and Pentura

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The UK insurer has now joined up with a digital risk management company for this new product. Allianz is now offering cyber insurance among its products now that it has teamed up with Pentura, a cyber risk management firm, so that commercial customers will have the assistance that they need to improve their digital security and the guidance and coverage they require if a data breach occurs. As a component of the agreement, Allianz Commercial policyholders will receive free Pentura consultations. Part of the deal between the two companies means…

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The impact of cyber insurance on cybercrime as a whole

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While companies seek to protect themselves against losses from digital attacks, policies aren’t solving the problem. If there is anything that companies have had to come to accept, it is that cybercrime is real and one of the best ways that they are able to protect themselves against the losses associated with those digital attacks is through cyber insurance. However, the coverage is currently dealing only with the symptoms of the issue and not the problem, itself. At the same time that companies are using cyber insurance to protect themselves…

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Cyber insurance is lacking

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AIG CEO expresses concern that cyber insurance capacity is falling short Cyber insurance capacity may be seriously lacking, according to American International Group CEO Peter Hancock. Digital threats are becoming more prominent with every passing year. Hackers and malicious groups are beginning to target large companies that have access to valuable consumer information. This information can be stolen and exploited for various types of benefits, leaving consumers to deal with the financial fallout associated with data breach and identity theft. Cyber protection remains somewhat rare, but the market is growing…

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AIG CEO says that cyber insurance has a “very small” capacity

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Peter D. Hancock recently spoke, saying that this coverage is lagging behind what other forms of protection offer. The chief executive officer of American International Group, Peter D. Hancock, has stated that when it comes to cyber insurance, the coverage has fallen behind the type of protection that is available through other types of policy. Hancock expressed his opinions about this coverage against cyberattacks while speaking at a recent event. While talking at New York University, Hancock expressed that “The largest coverage I’m aware of is for a bank that…

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