New Jersey auto insurance is once again found to be most expensive

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A report has shown that for yet another year, N.J. drivers are paying the highest premiums for coverage. The results of the annual National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) study on the cost of auto insurance has now revealed, once more, that the average driver in New Jersey is paying more than motorists in any other state in the country. The average amount that drivers paid for their policies in 2012 was an annual $1,220, higher than any other state. This represents the third year in a row that drivers…

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Auto insurance for less than $40 per month

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What do the ultra cheap policies advertise on television truly provide? The auto insurance commercials on television for policies that are less than $40 per month look like they are offering a significant bargain over far more expensive options, but are they really providing a deal? It is important to know who will qualify and what they would receive for this price. In a study that included the results from more than 52,000 online quotes for auto insurance, the various factors to achieve this super cheap coverage were analyzed. The…

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MyDrive Solutions releases smart box technology for insurance telematics

MyDrive Solutions, a company known for its specialty in insurance telematics, has announced its latest technology release to allow insurers to better gauge an individual driver’s risk and therefore set the premiums for coverage accordingly. The company’s launch involves an insurance smart box, which has now been brought to market, called MyDrive Dynamic, which will give auto insurers the ability to collect and use a driver’s behavioral data using the very latest in data capture technology. This can then be used to better understand a driver’s unique risk so that…

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Helpful tips to keep your California auto insurance premiums low

The two most common mars on a motorist’s driving record and that can cause California auto insurance to become more expensive than it needs to be are tickets and at-fault accidents. Though most drivers are worried about increases in premiums over time, there are many things that they can do to help to keep those costs as low as possible. This involves maintaining a driving record that is as spotless as possible, which is beneficial not only for keeping lowered insurance payments, but also to keep you, your passengers, and…

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Some drivers may save on auto coverage with “pay-by-the-mile” insurance

A new form of auto coverage, called “pay-by-the-mile” insurance has now been designed to help people to save money on their premiums and to encourage them to drive less and use public transportation more regularly. The way that the coverage works is that drivers who put fewer miles on their vehicles will pay a lower rate for their insurance every month. It places a direct link between their vehicle’s mileage and their insurance plan. The plan is based on an average annual driving distance of 19,000 miles. Though it does…

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