Google self-driving car involved in yet another accident

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The vehicle was rear-ended by another driver that had supposedly been driving while distracted. It looks as though the Google self-driving car road tests are not being blessed with all that much luck, as yet another one has now been involved in a crash as it was rear ended by another vehicle while it had been stopped at a red light. Only weeks after being rear ended twice while being stopped at a light, it has now happened again. A few weeks ago, the Google self-driving car made a report…

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Auto insurance is not covering 1 in 6 drivers in Colorado

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The number of motorists in the state who are uninsured is already considerable and now it is growing. According to recent statistics, the number of drivers who are using their vehicles along the streets and highways in Colorado but who do not have auto insurance policies is high and it is growing. Insurance industry stats say drivers will be in three to four crashes in their driving years, making coverage critical. These statistics cover everything from tiny fender benders to massive multi-vehicle pileups. When in Colorado, this situation becomes even…

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Insurance news in Canada shows criticism of insurer influence

Auto insurance mechanic body shop repair

The IBC has responded by rejecting any accusations of having a “steering” policy. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has found itself in the insurance news spotlight, as it faces criticism suggesting that insurers are steering their policyholders toward certain specific body shops in order to be able to have their vehicles repaired following a collision. Those accusations are being outright dismissed by the IBC, saying that they are untrue. The IBC’s vice president, Atlantic, Amanda Dean released an insurance news statement that said that insurers do not have “steering”…

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What to Do If You Get In an Accident

Car accident

What to Do If You Get In an Accident Being involved in a car accident is very scary, especially if you don’t know what to do or expect. Knowing what to do will help you better deal with the unexpected chaos that can happen at the scene of an accident. The following tips can make a world of difference in protecting yourself, your rights, and any passengers who were involved in the accident. Things to Do at the Scene of an Accident You’ve just been in an accident. What do…

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Understanding the Fundamentals of Tort Insurance

Car Insurance rates

Tort insurance is auto insurance designed to limit the number of auto accident lawsuits, specifically regarding “pain and suffering” and “loss” claims. Tort insurance pays medical bills for an auto accident, regardless of fault, but can limit the right of one party to file lawsuits over pain and suffering. Limited tort limits the ability of one party to sue for damages that are not economical, that is, claims that do not impact the finances of the injured party. Pain and suffering claims fall into this category, since it refers to…

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