Auto Insurance Add-Ons That Are Actually Worth the Extra Money

Car Insurance rates

When it comes to deciding on auto insurance for your vehicle it’s important to thoroughly consider each policy type before jumping to make a decision. Insurance premiums can be a big chunk of change out of your bank account each month, but unfortunately, car accidents are an everyday occurrence around the world, and getting caught without coverage can mean big trouble. You definitely don’t want to cut corners when it comes to making sure you have all of the insurance you need. Even if certain add-ons are going to cost…

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A Guide to Why Car Insurance Varies by State

florida no fault car insurance

If you’ve ever moved to a new state, chances are that you’ve experienced a significant rate change in your car insurance. But what’s with car insurance being so much more or less expensive from one state to another? Here’s a quick guide to explain why these rates can change so drastically. Multiple Variables Affect Your Rates With car insurance, there’s really no single answer as to why these rates vary; in truth, there are innumerable insurance rate details that can confound all but the most seasoned underwriter. But the short…

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Report shows the discrepancy of auto insurance claims in New York City

The Insurance Research Council of Pennsylvania has released a new report concerning auto claims and insured losses in New York City. New York has become infamous in the insurance industry for the multitude of auto claims that come from the state. In recent years, more claims have been coming in to insurers, many of which have been found to be fraudulent. The report highlights the differences in claiming behavior throughout the state and touches upon the discrepancies found in claims. According to the report, personal injury protection claims have risen…

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Autonomous Toyota Prius causes minor crash in California, insurers unsure how to react

Google has been developing an autonomous vehicle that can, allegedly, travel without human interaction. The big-name technology company has kept quiet about the vehicle, releasing only choice bits of information throughout the years. What little is known about the vehicle is that it is a Toyota Prius and has apparently traveled more than hundreds of thousands of miles, according to Google representatives. Google has been so bold as to say that the vehicle could never be in a crash, a notion that was proven false last month. Google’s autonomous car…

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Why are Michigan car insurance rates highest on average?

According to a new national survey conducted by, Michigan is home to the highest average car insurance premiums in the U.S., followed closely by Louisiana and Oklahoma. compiled data from six of the largest auto insurance providers in the nation and more than 2,400 vehicles from across 10 zip codes in each state. The company conducts this survey annually and lists the results for all to see on their website. The average yearly premium for car insurance in Michigan rose by $443 according to the survey, up from…

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