Cancer insurance coverage is not consistent for keeping hair during chemo

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Patients no longer need to lose their hair from chemotherapy, but insurers don’t always pay for it. New treatments are now available to stop hair loss as a chemotherapy side effect, but many cancer insurance policies are not covering it. Oncologists feel that, especially for women, this is an important technique to ensure people get well. “Several patients have told me it’s one of the worst side effects of their treatment. It can affect them really badly psychosocially. Some patients have even refused lifesaving chemotherapy because they don’t want to…

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Health insurance coverage boosts chances for testicular cancer patients

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A recent study showed that those without health plans fare worse than those who are covered. Recent study results have joined a growing body of evidence showing that health insurance coverage is directly related to improved wellness. This also suggests that Obamacare may be improving the health of Americans. This research has shown that it is not just overall health that is benefiting but cancer patients are specifically finding help. A broad spectrum of studies have linked health care quality with insurance coverage. Reduced medical outcomes are also directly connected…

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Many Americans Doubt Insurance Plans will Cover Cancer Treatments

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Recent surveys are showing that people lack confidence in one aspect of their healthcare plans. Many feel that expenses related to cancer treatments will not be fully covered, if at all. As healthcare reform approaches the horizon, people are unsure that they will be able to have the medical care that they will need if diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is the 2nd leading killer of Americans, led only by heart disease. In many instances, treatments may cost $5,000 or more per month. Medicare, without supplemental insurance only pays about 80…

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