The cost of insurance is driving US chemical makers and refiners to lower coverage

Cost of Insurance - Petrochemical Plant

These American companies have watched premiums rise sharply due to several severe accidents. U.S. petrochemical plants and refineries have experienced considerable hikes in the cost of insurance. As a result, these companies have started cutting back on the coverage they carry to protect themselves. Many years of sizeable accidents sent coverage prices skyward, said industry sources. As the cost of insurance rises and the amount of coverage drops for business interruption and physical damage, energy companies may become responsible for their own liability issues. This could land them with millions…

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Business insurance costs are on the rise from class action suits

Business insurance australia

These Australian lawsuits are starting to increase the expenses associated with this form of coverage. The business insurance industry is facing considerably higher costs due to the rising number of payouts being made in shareholder class action lawsuits, and this trend is causing the premiums for directors’ and officers’ coverage to rise. In 2012, there was an estimated total of $506 million in class action settlements made. This was an increase of approximately $200 million over the total payouts that were made in 2007. This, according to a report by…

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GEICO announces cheaper commercial auto insurance rates for businesses in Texas

Business owners in Texas may now have a commercial auto insurance policy available to them at a lower rate, as GEICO announced that they have made this new coverage available in the state. According to the director of commercial lines at GEICO, Kushwant Singh, his company is happy to be able to provide this new coverage to Texas businesses. He added that his company is recognized for providing cheap auto insurance coverage, but that “more and more business owners in Texas are discovering how much they can save with us…

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Towers Watson survey shows prices for commercial insurance continued their rise during Q4 2011

According to the results of the most recent Towers Watson Commercial Lines Insurance Pricing Survey (CLIPS), the prices for commercial insurance increased by a total of 3 percent throughout the final quarter last year, which completed a year in which every quarter saw rising prices for all lines of standard commercial products. Furthermore, according to the report by the global professional services company, earned price increases are starting to compensate for the portions of the reported claim cost inflation levels. Data from CLIPS showed that, yet again, the commercial property…

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Towers Watson research indicates that inquiries into D&O insurance coverage are growing

A Towers Watson survey has shown that a growing number of corporate officers and directors are looking into the coverage that their companies have or need for protection against possible lawsuits, which indicates that there is an increasing concern over the broad range of risks to which they are exposed. The annual survey, performed by Towers Watson, a worldwide professional services company, was called the “2011 Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Survey”. It also determined that many American public, private, and nonprofit businesses and organizations have increased their D&O liability…

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