Insurance rates from Anthem too high, says California regulator

Dave Jones California insurance commissioner insurance industry rates

Commissioner Dave Jones has stated that policyholders could have saved $33 million if the insurer lowered premiums. A recent statement from California Commissioner Dave Jones expressed that the 10 percent increase in insurance rates at Anthem Blue Cross for small businesses is excessive and that the result to its policyholders was a costly one. The Insurance Commissioner in the state made the announcement a month and a half before the Prop 45 vote. During the last stretch of time for the battle with regards to Proposition 45, Commissioner Jones criticized…

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Health insurance ID card typo costs a Las Vegas family $1.2 million

America's health insurance plan

A simple mistake has meant that the family will need to pay over a million dollars in medical bills. Kynell Smith and his family have their health insurance coverage through Nevada Health Link, and while the policy provides them with what they need, an issue that has been called an Obamacare typo by critics has caused the Las Vegas family to have to pay $1.2 million in medical bills. As a result of this mistake, the Smiths are neither able to pay their bills nor add a new child to…

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Health insurance companies work to form massive database in California

California Health Insurance Companies

State’s largest insurers are planning to store medical information in a single database The medical information of millions of residents in California may soon be contained in a single, massive database. Two of the state’s largest health insurance companies are currently working to create this database and it may help make health care significantly more efficient. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California are behind the initiative and the companies believe that the database will eventually lead to more affordable health care, but it has raised serious privacy concerns…

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Connecticut regulators deny rate proposals from two health insurance companies

Connecticut health Insurance

Regulators deny insurers the ability to raise rates on 2015 policies The Connecticut Insurance Department has denied rate increase proposals from two insurance companies that had sought approval to raise premiums by at least 12% in 2015. One of the companies seeking an increase in premiums was Anthem Blue Cross, which had wanted approval to increase its rates by an average of 12.5%. State regulators have deemed this request “excessive” and denied the proposal, requiring the insurer to submit a new rate proposal for policies it plans to sell in…

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Maine legislators set sights on health insurance issues

Maine Health Insurance

Network coverage problems attract the attention of state lawmakers Maine lawmakers are beginning to look into an issue involving insurance companies and network coverage. Insurers typically have a network of hospitals and health care providers that are approved for coverage under the policies they provide to consumers. This is meant to form a symbiotic relationship between insurers and hospitals, but it can also be somewhat problematic for consumers, especially when network changes are made and the doctors they have been visiting for years are no longer a part of a…

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