Maine legislators set sights on health insurance issues

Maine Health Insurance

Network coverage problems attract the attention of state lawmakers

Maine lawmakers are beginning to look into an issue involving insurance companies and network coverage. Insurers typically have a network of hospitals and health care providers that are approved for coverage under the policies they provide to consumers. This is meant to form a symbiotic relationship between insurers and hospitals, but it can also be somewhat problematic for consumers, especially when network changes are made and the doctors they have been visiting for years are no longer a part of a network.

Insurers are making aggressive revisions to their networks

Maine Health InsuranceIn the wake of the Affordable Care Act, many insurance companies have been making drastic revisions to their networks. For many people in Maine, this means losing access to their trusted medical care providers. Some large insurance companies have noted that this is a measure to reduce the costs associated with supporting an expansive network. For many consumers, however, the costs they face by continuing to see their preferred medical professionals is too high to maintain without insurance support.

Lawmakers are divided on the issue and its importance

Lawmakers are now looking to determine whether network cuts are necessary or not. Some argue that network cuts are nothing more than a tactic used by insurance companies to mitigate their losses while forcing consumers to pay more for coverage they will not necessarily use. Others suggest that the rising cost of medical care is to blame for network cuts and that insurance companies are not expressly at fault. Anthem Blue Cross notes that medical care is becoming more expensive, but the company has been offering new products with revised network coverage in order to accommodate the needs of consumers.

Legislators continue to meet with insurance companies

Legislators are, of course, concerned that this may an issue that does not need a resolution. Some have noted finding a solution to this issue may end up making both medical care and insurance coverage more expensive for consumers. Currently, lawmakers are meeting with health insurance providers to find an explanation for network revisions and cuts in order to determine whether or not further action should be taken in the future.

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