Competition begins heating up in the health insurance sector

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Health insurance exchanges are boosting competition Health insurance exchanges throughout the U.S. have encountered many problems over the past month. When open enrollment began, exchange websites were flooded with traffic, leading to capacity problems and technical glitches with many exchange systems. In the weeks that followed, many state-based exchanges were able to overcome these issues, though technical difficulties still plagued the website and enrollment system. As health insurance exchanges have begun growing more capable of handling demand, they are beginning to accomplish one of their primary goals: Increase competition…

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Stage set for health insurance brawl in California

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California regulator seeks to prohibit company from state’s health insurance exchange California’s health insurance exchange, called Covered California, may be set for some controversy courtesy of Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. Commissioner Jones has made a somewhat unexpected move and has recommended that Anthem Blue Cross, one of the largest insurance companies in California, to be prohibited from participating in Covered California. Jones suggests that the company’s practices throughout the past have made it an unqualified candidate for the health insurance exchange. Commissioner Jones calls out Anthem Blue Cross for poor…

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Health insurance rate increase draws ire of California regulators

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Dave Jones criticizes health insurance company for rate increases California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones has strong criticism against some of the state’s health insurance companies this week. The Commissioner, who has long been wrestling with insurers over the cost of health insurance coverage, denounced Anthem Blue Cross for the company’s latest rate increase proposal. Jones calls the rate increase “excessive” and “unreasonable.” In the past, rate increases have been targeted mostly at consumers, but the latest increase from Anthem Blue Cross is aimed at small businesses. Rate increase targets small…

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Affordable Care Act stirring rage in California

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Affordable Care Act spurs insurers to raise rates Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, health insurance companies have been warning of a nationwide rate increase that could introduce new financial pressures to consumers throughout the U.S. Insurers claim that the provisions of the health care law are responsible for the possibility of higher rates. The law requires insurance companies to take more aggressive measures on the types of coverage they provide, the administration of the companies themselves, as well as expand the eligibility of insurance coverage.…

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Anthem Blue Cross seeks to raise rates in California

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Anthem Blue Cross aims for rate increase of an average 18% California’s Anthem Blue Cross, the state’s largest for-profit health insurance company, is looking to raise rates on individual policies by an average of 18%. The rate increase proposal has put the insurer at odds with state insurance regulators once again. Anthem Blue Cross has proposed rate increases regularly in the hopes of addressing issues it considers to be important, including the rising cost of medical care. Regulators have renewed their scrutiny of the health insurance company to determine whether…

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Consumer Watchdog proposes new ballot initiative to curb health insurance rate hikes

California health insurance industry being eyeballed Consumer Watchdog, a non-profit advocacy group focused on the insurance industry, has proposed a new ballot initiative to the California Legislature that would put a stop on rising health insurance premiums. The organization claims that the state’s largest insurance companies have increased premiums by 20% since April 1, 2012. Consumer Watchdog suggests that these companies will raise rates a second time in May, and increase that will likely be 20% again. These higher rates have affected more than 1 million Californians, many of whom…

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Consumer Watchdog Campaign opposes Anthem Blue Cross insurance rate increases in California

Anthem Blue Cross has announced that they will be increasing insurance rates by as much as 20 percent for the health coverage paid for by almost 600,000 people in California by May 1, 2012. Consumer Watchdog Campaign released a statement that said that a ballot initiative for boosting the affordability of health insurance through the regulation of hikes in premiums is vital to protecting people in California from excessive increases. This ballot initiative would require insurers to provide a public justification of changes that they make to their rates, under…

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