Report shows that employees in California will be paying more for their health insurance coverage

Online Health, a premium aggregation website, has released a new report that shows how employees in California are beginning to pay more for their insurance coverage. The report suggests that employers are trickling down the cost of coverage to their employees in an attempt to offset the cost of insurance. This is largely due to the rate at which health insurance premiums are rising. Some employers claim that rates are rising to levels that they can no longer support without more help from workers.

The company’s report is based on a study from the National Opinion Research Center. This study shows that more than a third of Californian businesses are working to shift the costs of insurance to employees. The study suggests that employees can expect to be paying as much as 10% more for their health care benefits. For some workers, this may signal a time to look for alternative options.

President of Michael Dillon suggests that the individual insurance market may be the best way for these people to find affordable alternatives. This market is filled with flexible insurance plans that allow consumers to choose their own doctors. The market also holds appeal to families as it contains a number of affordable plans that are built to meet the needs of parents and children.

Whether employers will follow through with their plans to have workers pay more for coverage has yet to be seen.

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