Health insurance rates expected to jump in California

Health Insurance Rates California Expected to Rise

Health insurance may soon get more expensive for individuals Californians can expect to see major changes to their state’s health insurance market next year as the Affordable Care Act becomes fully enacted. Covered California, a non-profit, pseudo-government group that will be managing the state’s health insurance exchange, has released a new study concerning the effects the health care law may have on the individual market. The study suggests that prices for health insurance coverage in the individual market are going to experience some volatility in the coming year, with some…

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Health insurance rates in California draw ire from regulators

California Health Insurance exchange popularity

Health insurance rates continue to grow in California Health insurance rates continue to climb in California, a fact that has the state’s Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones, somewhat upset. Rates have been climbing at a rapid pace since 2010, after the Affordable Care Act was passed. In 2012, the federal law was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, which spurred many insurers to raise rates dramatically throughout the country. Insurance regulators have managed to keep some rate increases at bay, but California consumers continue to see the cost of their health…

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Health insurance proposal could make coverage more expensive in California

California health Insurance payment

New proposal could make health insurance premiums spike A new proposal facing the California Legislature could split the state into six new financial regions that could have a profound impact on the cost of health insurance throughout the state. While state lawmakers have been working to make insurance coverage more affordable, the proposal may derail these efforts by making coverage considerably more costly for many consumers, according to the state’s Department of Insurance. Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones warns that introducing these new zones could make coverage nearly unattainable for a…

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Covered California exchange program set in stone

California health insurance

Covered California plan approved by governing board The board that is meant to govern California’s efforts to build its own health insurance exchange have approved the operational plans for the program. This is a major step towards the state running its own health insurance exchange program and complying with federal deadlines. The California Health Benefit Exchange board, which has changed the name of the exchange program to Covered California, has sent its approval for the operational plans to the Governor’s Office, which is expected to forward these plans to the…

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California insurance regulators clash with Aetna over insurance rate hikes

California health insurance industry go head to head with regulators Aetna Life Insurance has raised the health insurance rates for small employers in the state of California this month. The company has plans to raise rates by an average of 8% for this sector each year. The plan has struck a chord with the state’s insurance regulators, with Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones accusing the company of being unreasonable. According to the state’s Department of Insurance, Aetna’s health insurance rates for small businesses will jump by more than 30% over the…

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