Pet insurance company names new VP of Veterinary Channel Development

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Pet InsurancePetplan has just announced the naming of Steve Shell into this position.

Petplan pet insurance has just revealed that it has named Steve Shell to the position of vice president of Veterinary Channel Development.

Shell has over thirty years of experience within the industry of animal health in the United States.

The top rated pet insurance company, as well as one of the most rapidly growing in the United States has recognized his experience and success at Invervet/Schering-Plough, Pfizer Animal Health, and Merck Animal Health, and took care to identify the value that they see in the skills he has and the passion that he carries for animals.

The pet insurance company has expressed nothing but excitement about this new addition to the team.

According to the co-CEO and co-founder of the pet insurance company, Chris Ashton, “We are excited to leverage Steve’s extensive knowledge and experience of the veterinary channel to better serve our partner veterinarians.” He went on to say that “His commitment to pet health and the high degree of integrity that he brings to customer relationships are values that Petplan was founded upon.”

Ashton also expressed that Shell has “proven initiative” and stated that he is a “resourceful leader” in addition to some of his many other qualities which are unequaled within the industry. He stated that Shell, as a pet owner, has a firsthand understanding of the importance of the role that a veterinarian plays in the decision making process for providing animals with the best healthcare. His experience within this field also allows him to have a solid understanding of how partner vets can be provided with the best possible customer service and genuine care for which the pet insurance company is recognized.

Shell’s previous positions of leadership have been in business strategy, general management, marketing, sales, and customer development. Before joining the Petplan pet insurance company, he was the vice president and general manager of Merck Animal Health. There, he had responsibility over the Companion Animal Business Unit, which included areas such as the microchip business from HomeAgain, and the Equine and Small Animal businesses.

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