Healthcare study identifies possible savings of $2 trillion over 10 years

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Healthcare ReformThe researchers are now calling for a new spending target that may be highly effective.

According to a study that was just released on Thursday, the United States would be able to save $2 trillion from its spending on the healthcare system over the next 10 years if the federal government would help to influence the rapidly increasing costs in both the public and private sectors, so that they would more effectively align with economic growth.

The study was conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, a nonpartisan group.

In the report released by the Commonwealth Fund, the organization has recommended keeping the $2.8 trillion American healthcare system to a set target for spending, and that this can be accomplished by having Medicaid, Medicare, and the other government programs and private insurers work together to persuade providers to take on strategies that are more cost effective.

It is expected that this type of healthcare legislation would cause a bitter divide in Congress.

The report predicted that the Republicans would likely oppose these plans to change healthcare, as it would suggest that the government was taking on greater control. This despite the claims that the authors of the research report have made, indicating that employer, family, and government budgets would received a significant amount of relief from the rapidly growing burdens, should those changes be implemented.

Dr. David Blumenthal, the president of the Commonwealth Fund, was once a healthcare adviser for President Obama. According to Dr. Blumenthal, the suggested changes could find bipartisan support within the upcoming discussions over the deficit, as an alternative to having to hack away at the “entitlement programs”, such as Medicare.

Blumenthal stated that “In comparison with what some of those proposals advocate, we think that some of what we’re proposing will look like an escape valve.” The United States is currently operating the most costly healthcare system in the world. Predictions have suggested that the cost for each person in the country this year will be $9.200. Though the growth of spending has been slowing over recent years, it is still continuing to increase at a rate that is greater than the overall growth of the economy.

Aside from the tremendous healthcare bill that is faced by the country every year, the research is showing that Americans are experiencing higher disease rates and are dying younger than people who live in other countries around the world.

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