New report shows that Farmers Insurance of Texas has the most consumer complaints of any other insurer in the state

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Insurance NewsA new report from Texas Watch, a consumer advocacy group promoting transparency in the insurance industry, shows that Farmers Insurance, the third largest insurance organization in the state, boasts of the most consumer complaints in the state. The report’s findings are based on data collected by state insurance regulators between the periods of October 2010 and September 2011. According to the report, Farmers has garnered a great deal of consumer complaint for their handling of homeowner claims.

In regards to the report, Farmers spokesman Jerry Davies noted that its credibility was difficult to gauge without knowing how many of the complaints were legitimate. Davies insists that the company treats all claims and policyholders fairly, despite the data shown in the report. State regulators say that he data only accounts for complaints regarding delayed payments, denials and other such occurrences.


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Whether the data used in the report is entirely accurate is somewhat suspect. The Texas Department of Insurance Is not required to investigate complaints and, at times, dismisses complaints entirely if they fall beyond its realm of jurisdiction. Despite this, however, regulators say that the data can be taken as fact if used in an appropriate context.

The report also shows that both State Farm and Allstate have received a large number of complaints in Texas. These complaints also involve how claims are treated.

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