Direct Travel opens new online medical screening facility for improved quotes and policy purchases

Medical Travel InsuranceDirect Travel Insurance has started an online medical screening facility in order to be able to improve its site’s ability to provide accurate quote and increase the convenience for consumers to purchase policies.

This new function gives customers with pre-existing medical conditions the ability to make their online travel insurance purchase where they had not previously been able to do so. Now they have the opportunity to purchase policies online that will cover those medical conditions, subject to underwriting acceptance criteria.

Before this tool became available, customers at Direct Travel Insurance were provided with a number of options for obtaining coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, but they could only access them over the phone. This new online option means that customers – regardless of pre-existing health conditions – can buy their travel insurance policies using the insurer’s website.

The Direct Travel Insurance process for medical screening on the website is quite simple to use and can be completed very quickly. If customers using the site answer “yes” to any of the application process’s standard purchase process health questions, they are automatically given the option to screen their medical conditions.

All they need do is enter the name of their medical condition and then answer a few basic questions generated by the system about this condition, to determine whether or not the insurer can provide coverage. It is a highly dynamic screening process where each new question has been generated as a result of the answer provided for the preceding question.

Certain medical conditions will be covered at no additional cost, but if there is greater risk, an additional premium may be quoted and the customer will be able to decide whether to opt for that coverage, or to choose coverage where the medical condition is excluded, but they pay a lower premium.

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