New legislation in Arizona seeks to secure health insurance for children

Children’s Health Insurance Program kids

Legislation revitalizing the KidsCare program has received approval from state representatives

Children in Arizona may soon have access to the health insurance coverage they need thanks to new legislation. The legislation has been approved by the state’s House of Representatives and aims to revitalize a program known as KidsCare. The program is designed to provide coverage for children in families with incomes from 138% to 200% below the federal poverty level. The legislation revitalizing the program still has some legislative hurdles to overcome, but it has gathered strong support from state lawmakers.

Arizona currently lacks an insurance program designed specifically for children

Throughout the country, families have been able to find coverage through the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program. In Arizona, the program had provided coverage for more than 63,000 children, but now less than 1,000 of these children are enrolled in the program. Arizona is the only state without an active insurance program designed specifically for children, but state officials are working to resolve this issue. Arizona is currently ranked 49th in the country in terms of its rate of uninsured children.

KidsCare program still needs to be reviewed before it can become available

Children's Health InsuranceThe governor’s office is currently reviewing the measure that would revitalize the KidsCare program. State officials have expressed concern regarding the financial impact of the program on state revenues and the flexibility of future budget plans. During the initial hearing of the measure, Elizabeth McKenna, a doctor and co-owner of Healing Hearts Pediatrics, testified and noted that she sees children without insurance coverage because their parents make too much money to qualify for the state’s Medicaid program. They do not, however, make enough money to purchase health insurance coverage through the private market.

Demand for insurance programs for children is on the rise

Lack of insurance coverage means that parents cannot get their children the medical care that they need. This is due to the high cost of medical care, but also because insurance policies are becoming more expensive. For those living in Arizona, programs to increase the accessibility of health insurance are sorely needed, but establishing such a program may be a time consuming endeavor.


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